Overboard Official Trailer #1 - Goldi Hawn, Kurt Russel Movie (1987) HD

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Overboard Trailer - Directed by Garry Marshall and starring Kurt Russell, Edward Herrmann, Mike Hagerty, Roddy McDowall, Jared Rushton. A kind of African Queen gone berserk, "Overboard" chronicles the misadventures of a bitchy society queen (Goldi Hawn) who lives on a luxury yacht with her class-conscious husband (Edward Herrmann) and put-upon butler (Roddy McDowall). When the yacht docks for "repairs" (that is, for more closet space), Hawn refuses to pay the local carpenter (Kurt Russel) because he used oak instead of cedar for the closets. The argument results in Hawn pushing Russel overboard. Hawn falls overboard herself and is rescued by a garbage scow. However, she remembers nothing of her pampered past. Through a series of high-energy, high-wit escapades the two protagonists find each other, the kids turn into lollipops and all is well that ends well.

MGM - 1987
  • George R. Carmichael

    The remake is gonna blow.

  • Matthew Davis

    This movie would never see the light if it was made today... I can't even begin on the political side of being a "girl", and having a man brainwash you...

  • A Memes

    What a fantastic movie !! Realy loved it

  • BOOTSI Myles

    Man this is what love stories used to be like!! They're my fav in real life Nd television!!

  • Rogerio Barbosa

    Can you write names right ? It´s Goldie, not Goldi and Russell not Russel.

  • Serkan Guven

    İ adore this woman.Goldie Hawn...Yesterday,Today and Forever.

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