Something Special by Randy Newman

I realized that nobody had posted this song! I love this song and this movie. Hopefully I will get to make a tribute video to go along with this song :D Anyways, here it is.

  • MichelleMC2007

    Thank you for posting this song.  This is my husband's and mine wedding song.

  • Lauren Harding

    I love this song and this movie

  • Jiltedin2007

    Love this song, it's what I remembered most about the movie Overboard.

  • Satan's Hitman

    This song would be ideal if it was only true. People cheat too much for the dumbest of reasons. Lovely song though.

  • oglilprettythug

    I will always love my boyfriend and there is something special about our relationship and I love him

  • Shawn Gee

    This is one of my favourite songs of all time! Truly something special! And if you haven't seen "Overboard", check it out. I watched because I was bored out of my skull many many years ago. It's so good. And Randy's classic voice and music fits so perfectly with the spirit of the movie.

  • kolezu

    I love this song and this film. this movie was my childhood too!

  • OnyxMoonSign


  • Ariel Nine

    I loved this movie !

  • Kenjie Apostol

    one of the best movie story ive watch, i hope this story can exist even at this time.

  • sabulba30

    I have been waiting years for this to be posted thanks alot great song for that movie

  • Miss Backyard Camper

    Everytime this movie came on HBO, My mother would call my brother and I from outside playing shouting Ya'll... OVERBOARD IS ON!! Because she knew that we were crazy about this movie! We would sprint into the house as if we were running a marathon. Instantly in front of the TV! Ha! 😄

  • Dustin Martin

    Such an amazing song and perfect for this great film. The best part of that song is when it ends, you hear the boat horn.

  • Toms Friend Kake

    I've seen this movie like 50 times, and I still love it. 

  • draygoona21

    Awesome movie and amazing song

  • CrazyKrazyMind

    one of my favourite movies of all time

  • dudewheresmycar47

    what an affascinating song, as soon as I finished to watch the movie at the end of its credits I heard this marvellous tune. I went to search right away on you tube to listen to it all over again. the lead singer sounds alike Mr Ray Charles but I realized I was wrong but I still like it .

  • Phillip Simon

    Randy Newman is a very good song writer

  • Shaz Bin Imran

    lovely song with lovley movie...

  • MichelleMC2007

    This is my husband's and mine wedding song. I was so glad when I was able to find it here. At first I wasn't able to. Thanks for posting it.

  • 1970lancaster

    very beautiful, indeed

  • Janet Johnstone

    thank you whoever posted it i couldn't even find it in the shops

  • Rachel Harvey

    I love u till the day i die cause there's something special bout u and me something special bout our love... 🌸

  • Alex Kirsch

    Beautiful song for a fantastic movie :)

  • Mikhail Baikov

    one of the greatest movies. i really love it.

  • Nikki Jenkins

    this movie was my childhood!

  • Kayla Mckinley

    i love it like it is min


    Dis Shit Will Make A GROWN man CRY!!

  • Adrian Jones

    Still a great film, just watched it again, Goldie looks amazing when she's stood on the boat with her hair all tied back

  • Terry Morrison

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much for posting this.

  • Brandon Haygood

    I feel like I've heard this song in a trailer or two before. Am I right?

  • Robin Greenhow

    I soooo love this beautiful song and this movie is and always will be one of my favorites!

  • Fkouch

    It was used in the Awakenings trailer, but not the film itself. :)

  • Nick Hentschel

    <three horn blasts>

  • debbie mason

    i'm gonna get my mam!!!!

  • 100Mustang100

    Omg this song is so much about me and my husband!.. Celebrating since we met and married in 1978! What more can I say with tears in my eyes!

  • Rurik peterson

    i love this song it protrays the moves emotions well

  • christy capers

    OVERBOARD?? Isn't this from Awakenings?

  • Kristoffer715

    Den här filmen är så bra och en av Goldie Hawns bästa komedier. Tycker hon spelade så bra som den rika och bitchiga Joanna...underbar prestation. Sen minns man såklart Edward Herrmann som Grant Stayton III, han ägde ju hela filmen i slutet när han blev smått galen:). Dessa två bar upp hela filmen.

  • Nathan Graf

    Dean: "What could I possibly give you that you already don't have?"Annie/Joanna: "A little girl!"

  • KimiTalutahMiakoda

    ouuu i was searching for it very long D: .... mabe you could give more tags like overboard, soundtrack or something like this? (sry for my bad english x) )

  • Baleys Girl

    Aww yesss....thanks for posting...doesn't get played quite enough!

  • David Stewart

    Great Song....Great Movie!

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