The Blind Side (2009) Official Trailer - Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw Movie HD

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The Blind Side (2009) Official Trailer - Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw Movie HD

The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.

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  • Ellia Thomas

    I'm crying and I've only watched the trailer of this film

  • LCpl Ali Powell

    I'm about to watch this and I already know that I'm probably gonna cry 😭

  • Ruby 2000

    Somebody watching in 2017?

  • Susan Babineaux

    I was so sad when he said I never had one of these and they where like a room to yourself and he was like a bed 💔

  • Claudia Calderon

    Somebody just recommend me this movie.I can't believe I haven't watched, is look pretty good. By the way is August 2017😣😁

  • 전혜지

    My favorite movieeeee

  • CriticalSyrome

    We watched this is class today it made me cry

  • MrDialtone888

    this movie is all about the the tuohy's rather than michael , and what really happend is that michael was already on the football team and scouts were all over him back then before the tuohy's took him in, the tuohy's knew the kid was a gold mine , the tuohy's wanted attention , and michael was their ticket into pro football family

  • Leonel Lopez

    so dad when i watched the movie

  • Caroline Kobes

    I love this movie so much!

  • gillian lokan

    crying even tho I didn't even WATCH THE MOVIE.


    this trailer enough to make me cry so imagine me watching the movie

  • Jewell Ashley

    I came back too this trailer to say, this is a awesome movie! It amazed me that this was based on a true story and I hope that man known as Micheal is doing well. She really is a true blessing.

  • Brody Morgan

    Wait, Tim McGraw plays him? He looks nothing like big mike

  • illsalvo78

    Man... since when did Young Jeezy act? Man shits crazy.

  • heartsangelx

    I flippin' cried just by watching the trailer alone fml

  • Caitlin Hoffmann-Herbert

    I cry every single time I watch this film without a doubt, just saying. Been watching it since I was 11 and I'm 18. Still my favourite film after all these years 💕

  • akshay ghanathey

    i aint changing him,he is changing me..

  • Elizaveta Yourman-Nicholson

    Looooooove this movie!!

  • Dana H

    I honestly don't believe in my entire life time I've ever seen a woman as hot as Sandra Bullock looked in this movie.

  • Deanoss Last

    I thought this was cringy, cliched and preachy, definately a sjw movie and fairly far removed from the true story.

  • kotk05

    In India, he's known as "Biggy Biggerton" or "Biggy Biggerson"

  • Louis Mayes

    When this was released C. Ronaldo already signed for Real Madrid in case anyone was interested.

  • Selina Begum

    I think i cried like 4 times this movie is such a beautiful example of what we should all strive to be.

  • Fatumata Sankareh

    I wanted to wash the movie for a long time  I finally see it today it was amazing..... I even cry

  • Kiky Kiky

    the best true story family movie i've ever watched.. its just beautiful too see the bond between leigh-ann and michael and the way of all thouy family is accepting michael like their own son and brother.. The beauty of love..

  • Manon Bkr

    I cried so many times lmao

  • dr. gogo

    One of the best movies I've ever watched

  • Manthas mail

    watching this now 207 !

  • Majin Buu

    how she a mom but still turnen me on

  • Sumit Midya

    I watched this movie today on TV for the first time ...this is filmmaking at its best ,Sandra's performance was out of this world !! and so were the others. 👍

  • Stoneman180190

    Not a fan of Sandra Bullock but she was phenomenal in this movie, she deserved the Oscar.

  • Sara E.

    2017 and still haven't watched. I think I am finally gonna give it a try.

  • hillton2180

    Those eyes can make anyone cry.

  • sumit barda

    Dangal crossed the Blind Side to be the highest grossing sports movie of all time. Go check out Dangal.

  • Bhangad Pulaa

    I hope to at least half the women tat she is

  • um lo

    Based on a true story.

  • Heart Centred

    To be loved is everything

  • um lo

    The sadest part was when Big Mike and his little white brother got in the car crash, still makes me sad till this day.

  • alexa thocolich

    Now this reminds me of my big bro. He is that shy that he has to lie about every thing. This movie makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside I just love this movie☺️☺️☺️

  • Thomas Nitta

    Sandra Bullock was peng in this film. Pure milf material.

  • Max Maximus

    So much like Jimmy Butler (NBA Player) story smh

  • alexa thocolich

    This movie is not racist in anyway. Being racist is when you make fun of someone's background and I don't see that in this movie at all. I fact it trying to stop racism because a light skinned women help an dark skinned boy they are trying to show you that everyone in the world isn't as fortunate as most people and she helped him even is he was a different colour. This movie is based of a real story, imagine you being homeless and someone helped you, you would want their help right. DO NOT DISRESPECT THIS MOVIE EVERY AGAIN!!!

  • Matthew Sanchez

    the guy who plays Michael just moved to my city and i meet him at school today small world

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