Double Jeopardy (1999) Official Trailer - Ashley Judd Movie HD

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Double Jeopardy (1999) Official Trailer - Ashley Judd Movie HD

A woman framed for her husband's murder suspects he is still alive; as she has already been tried for the crime, she can't be re-prosecuted if she finds and kills him.

Tommy Lee Jones:
Ashley Judd:
Bruce Greenwood:
Annabeth Gish:

Bruce Beresford:

Richard Luke Rothschild:
Leonard Goldberg

David Weisberg:

Mark Warner

Peter James:

Normand Corbeil:
  • Travis H

    I enjoyed our chats , thanks for the hug . Kate are you going to be my agent ? Do you think foot stool figured out the secret of art yet ? The cops in this town have gone way beyond Double Jeopardy.

  • Agent1W

    I bet O.J. Simpson loved the heck out of this movie, if he got to see it in jail.

  • Petroshock Pictures

    Ben? You mean Ben Shapiro?

  • Kristoffer Cedric

    Who else watched the movie? Like, today, in 3 minutes, because of this 'trailer'.

  • Just Me

    Among too many, Collins Dictionary gave a definition for a word - Trailer - A trailer for a film or television programme is a set of short extracts which are shown to advertise it. And what I just saw is a short movie. THX a lot! :) (Luckily I have already watched the movie, just ran into this...)

  • steffny0206

    trailer gave away too much!

  • JL

    Ashley Judd was awful

  • zenitrulit2

    One of the best thriller movies. SOOO underestimated

  • leeor shimhoni

    excellent movie. evokes powerful emotions. makes me wonder , how powerful mother love can be. touched.

  • Tess Crelli

    I regret watching this trailer that gave away legit the entire movie.

  • Brian Jordan Bartels

    What the fuck? Spoiler!!!!!

  • TIm JOyce

    Why did lady brush other ladies hair

  • Defalized

    good movie just a masterpiece

  • Mariano Felan

    As mediocre as most of her movies are I'd love to see Ashley Judd win an Oscar

  • john argue

    I justed watch this movie it's awesome. Suspense. Reminds me how Tommy Lee was in the movie the fugitive. Ashley was awesome. Movie gets 10 stars.

  • Roman Darius

    Ashely Judge is a Pig! She knew what Weinstein did, and she looked the other way. Then she had the Nerve to attack President Trump? Pure Hollywood Bullshit!

  • Eu génie

    One off the best moavies I watched, (for so long),***

  • Justin Williams

    Christ the trailer shows you the whole film, needn't watch it anymore.

  • Frederick Kamara

    I saw this movie in Belgium of all places when it came out.

  • Sadiqur Rahman

    *ATTENTION*: Don't watch the trailer! There are some spoilers!Loved the movie. Just don't understand why it got so poor reviews! :(

  • Pretty Simmons


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